Jaden's Voice

Jaden’s Voice is a non-profit organization started by Terri and Edward Matthews in 2009 after her son Jaden was diagnosed with Autism. In her journey she discovered children and their families in underserved communities where not receiving timely services if any at all in speech, behavior, social or occupational therapies. Terri also learned that educators, daycare centers, families along with a high percentage of our communities are not even aware of what Autism is, how to recognize it,  where to get support needed for services in and outside the home.


Jaden’s Voice mission is to enhance the quality of life for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and their families. We are bridging the gap between autism awareness, available services with families and the community.  We do this by providing innovative programs, educating on autism,  assisting with services in schools and our communities to focus on the key areas of Family SupportChild CareAutism education, Therapies andRecreation and Sports for Autistic children. These programs are important because early diagnoses as well as intervention significantly increase the ability for the child to be an active functioning part of society. By providing programs, services, education to these children, families and educators early on we increase the ability of the child to be a productive, self-sufficient part of society. Without the therapies we place a death sentence on the child’s capability. JadensVoice understands that the entire family system is impacted by an autism diagnosis, which is why we want to provide specialized services not only to the individual diagnosed with autism but the family as a whole.


Join us by helping us educate on Autism!

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